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Succeeding on Short Term Missions

What are the secrets to success on short term international missions?

Long term international missions provide time to learn. Those that last just weeks or months compound steep learning curves with jet lag; no local network; banking, visa and travel uncertainties; security questions and no time to get sick or make mistakes.

The ideas and tips in this series are gathered from many who have learned, sometimes the hard way, better ways to do things. The first piece explores what kind of person tends to do well on short term international assignments. The following ones look at practical issues like health, packing, security, leaving the home front behind, managing paper and money and the challenge of working in new cultures.

These pieces will arrive in your email box every four days.  We hope you find them interesting and useful.

To stay up to date with CANADEM, check the website at . To find the library of resources on short term missions, taking care of ourselves in stressful international environments and other topics, see

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