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Welcome to CANADEM Notes

You leave home to work in another country, another culture, perhaps another language. There are many rewards – and challenges. You will encounter a new culture and new ways of working, which can bring 

personal and professional stresses.

CANADEM Notes is a service to help mitigate those stresses. The “Taking Care of Ourselves” series of notes explores managing the personal challenges. The series called “Short Term Missions” addresses the special challenges related to relatively brief missions. And the "Long Haul" ones explore the different challenges of living and working in another country for a long period.

Welcome! Please join us. Subscribe and receive new notes for free, or explore them on this site and let us know what you think.

A Message from CANADEM's Duty of Care Director

Welcome to CANADEM Notes, which explore the challenges and opportunities that come with working in new countries and cultures.  CANADEM is committed to doing everything we can to support you in your international work.  That includes helping you prepare for, understand and cope with the stresses that come with challenging missions.

The notes are quick to read – I promise!  The notes are divided in three categories: Taking Care of Ourselves, Short Term Mission and Long Hauls. The notes look at the challenges of adapting to new and stressful environments, work pressures and the challenges of coming home again – something most of us identify as harder than going out in the first place.


Randy Weekes 

Director, Duty of Care, CANADEM


Established in 1996 with Canadian Government start-up funding, CANADEM is an international not-for-profit NGO dedicated to advancing international peace and security through the rostering, rapid mobilization, and mission management of experts committed to International Service with the UN, other IGOs, NGOs, and governments.

To learn more about CANADEM, to join its roster of experts, or to request its assistance with a recruitment need, go to 

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